Capital Gains Yield Calculator

Capital Gains Yield Calculator

This Capital Gains Yield Calculator helps calculate how much your investment has risen such as a stock or bond. Calculating capital gains yield is a very useful when analyzing your investment return. Capital gains yield (CGY) is the price appreciation on an investment or a security expressed as a percentage.

Bought Price: The price of when you first bought your investment

Current Price: The current price right now of your investment

Capital Gains Formula: Current Price - Bought Price

Capital Gains Yield Formula: (Capital Gains / Bought Price) * 100


How to calculate capital gains and capital gain yield?

Example: You bought XYZ stock at the price of $20 and one year later, XYZ stock's current price is $97.52

Bought Price: $20

Current Price: $97.52


Capital Gains: $97.52 - $20

Capital Gains = $77.52 (Answer)

Capital Gains Yield: ($77.52 / $20) * 100

Capital Gains Yield: 3.876 * 100 (Converting decimal to percentage)

Capital Gains Yield = 387.6 % (Answer)

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